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Overcome Chronic Tweaks & Pain

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

A self applied bodywork method with a series of wake up drills that increases your mobility and performance. Drills are useful being done daily and take 5-10 minutes to complete. Daily RPR reduces stress and anxiety. Join one of the coming free learning sessions and contact us to learn more on how to do level 1 RPR for yourself and see your athletic or everyday performance change for the better.
Involves a layer of customization to the L1 RPR you do. Sierra is able to test your unique compensation pattern, this will further optimize your performance so that you are able to access your core muscles without your body reverting to using smaller muscles to override the big movers. This is a favorite among clients as it is what has been a pillar in helping them overcome their major chronic pain issues, and reclaim their strength.
Requires a L3 practitioner to do thorough testing and activations, giving you access to muscles you may never have had access to, increasing core stability and propulsion. Many get off the table feeling their body function in a way that is light, effortless, and more powerful.

A well-functioning, pain-free body is a right to all. You deserve access to lasting change and accessibility within your lifestyle.

Optimize Your Performance

Autonomously Slow CNS Decline

Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR)

Be Activated

The Be Activated system by Douglas Heel from South Africa is what informed the RPR system here in America. Sierra learned how to deepen the work on the body in ways that release trauma and stress patterns that would usually override the body's ability to function pain free.

The Be Activated system involves reversing the implosions that create pain and dysfunction.

Douglas Heel and JL Holdsworth provide in depth understanding about how to change your client's life through body work. Whether it was in learning how to truly dedicate your attention to the issues of the body on the table, or learning the techniques involved with following the 123 reset system that transforms pain, the instructors helped transform the paradigm of many practitioners during this event.


Daily Dedication Means Longterm Progress

In the end, the body is going to do everything in its power to keep you moving and breathing, and as the stressors of life call for more, the body will ultimately feel threatened from its surroundings. This leads to the body keeping things accessible. It can choose smaller muscles to compensate movements and to keep things familiar. These compensations become the body’s way of life. These small muscles can only handle so much stress. To create real change the body must be reminded how to move in painless ways, and in strong patterns. This is why, so often, clients leave sessions pain free, because their paradigm of chronic pain is all a neurological format that needed to be reset. Those who carry on with their resets are able to see their issues transform long term.

Sierra also utilizes DonTigny lower back and SI joint correction methods in her work. You can visit thelowback.com to learn more. With all of these methods and more combined, Sierra has been able to support her clients’ journey to performance.


*All initial sessions are 1.5 hrs

Sierra's in-home studio rate............$88/hr

Single mobile session at your home.....$108/hr

Teachers, Students, First responders

and Military.....................................................20% Discount