Move beyond the limits of massage

If you're putting on a Crossfit event, Strongman event, Powerlifting event, or any other competition and you need someone who can make effective, swift change, you need to move beyond the limits of massage.

The most common issue of competitors is a tweaked back or hip. These issues are not fixed with rubbing or stretching alone. The second that individual steps back out on the field, their body will transition into the patterns that recall in that pain unless a proper intervention can be set.

On demand, effective bodywork.

Neurological activations instantly create change.

Choose a practitioner who has the experience being a competitor.

Be prepared for what your sport calls for.

Book now for your event

Offered at standard hourly rate. Competitions or events surpassing 3 hours are offered at a 20% discounted rate.

People and culture

Make sure your competitors can be backed with the support that helps them excel past their limits, and surpass their personal records.