"A functional and pain-free body can change the course of your life. Having a manual therapist should be as normal as having a regular therapist. And there's a lot of people you could choose from.

And whether you're an athlete or not, I believe you should choose someone who has a lot of experience doing things with their own body-- both in pushing their own limits, and navigating their own body issues as they arise-- something less common than you would think. The body should be their obsession, and supporting you and your body should be their passion."                                                                                                                                 

Be Activated, DonTigny low back and SI Joint pelvic methods, & Reflexive Performance Reset Level 3 Practitioner

Sierra Grant


Sierra Grant is a massage therapist certified in Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) and the Be Activated systems. She utilizes the DonTigny low back and SI joint correction methods. Her experiences in self managing her own back pain and other injuries lead her to many systems but many she found being a waste of time. This was the inspiration behind her exploring these cutting-edge approaches in the neurological body work world. These systems as well as her experience as a powerlifting athlete and strongman informed her approach to manual therapy.

In seeing many athletes struggle with recurring injuries, she began applying the neurological body work systems in their rehab and preparation for training. The athletes saw changes in performance, mobility, and strength, ultimately leading to pain-free movements. She took this knowledge and began to apply it to the general population and found tremendous shifts in their pain and quality of life in just one session.

She spends her free time lifting, traveling, climbing, and learning and  helps athletes with getting their bodies functioning at a level they have never felt before.

For her clients, Sierra’s goal is to ultimately make them more autonomous in their own self care rather than having to rely on a bodyworker full time. After a few weeks of undoing chronic issues from the past, clients are able to use the RPR method as self-applied bodywork, allowing them to be able to maintain the changes she has made long term. For athletes, sessions are great to be placed directly before a workout, as they are found to be more energizing and allowing to maximize potential during lifts. Sierra's passion is in changing her clients' points of view on what they thought was possible with their own resiliency, strength, and quality of life.

About Sierra

I thought I was going to find just another massage therapist, instead I found personalized care and instruction that has helped me become a better vision of myself on a daily basis. Being able to implement Sierra's therapy immediately after a session in a gym built for intense workouts truly puts your body to the test and allows for you to make changes to your specific compensations.”

- Pat Foxx

”I have been working w Sierra for about 11 months. I’m a 67 yo female that due to a sedentary lifestyle and extended periods of sitting for work found it harder and harder to stand up straight and walk normally, ultimately bent over and needing a cane. Pain was great 24/7 w little reprieve. Not long after starting w Sierra, she eliminated that awful pain and I began to get good sleep! I’m not saying it’s magic; it is a process. I had spent a fortune on chiropractors and muscle specialists for years, with minimal results. My body is stronger every week w increased range of motion, and I am essentially free of serious pain and sleeping well most nights. Walking is progressing. I’m walking taller w a smoother gait. I still have a ways to go but seeing results is priceless! Sierra has a gift for this and fyi gives the best message I’ve ever had! I unequivocally recommend her for body work!

- Serena Reed

”As a high level strength athlete, I constantly have aches and pains that creep in after long periods of heavy lifting. My body feels off and leverages tend to change. What sets Sierra and her body work apart is that she can instantly make me feel like I’m 100% again before a session.
I’ve had multiple sessions that I’ve started, felt terrible and had Sierra put hands on me, restart the session and INSTANTLY move the weights better. It happens in real time and instantly changes the way that my body feels.
She is very catering to the way that I react to certain areas that she works on. If I’m sensitive, she is patient and lets my body warm up to her before trying to dig into the muscle. Her understanding of the human body is incredible and her ability to problem solve is second to none. I would trust Sierra with my body before any one else.”

- Kolten Betzler



Sierra's in-home studio rate....................$88/hr

Single mobile session at your home.....$108/hr

Teachers, Students, First responders

and Military.....................................................20% Discount

*All initial sessions are 1.5 hrs